Monday, January 31, 2011

Season 2 Preview Post

Hello, followers, readers, friends. I do apologize for the sudden end to our first season in October, although I do think it was a good place to stop for a while. Anyhow, I'm back, and just wanted to give you guys a glimpse into what's happening on the new season!


That's right! We'll have a new sweep of bands coming from all different genres, places in the world, and new reasons to enjoy them. To give away two of the bands we'll be looking at, just for teaser purposes, we'll be enjoying Mumford and Sons, Neil Young, and many, many more. And yes, I'll give you a head's up as to when I'm making the final post of the season.


I feel as though making these super long bios about the bands, I'll be putting more of my time and energy into finding the words to describe the bands in words that typically fail me. This way, instead of turning into the guy at the party who has all the useless facts, like me, you can become super aware of what's happening in the music, and eventually learn (if you already don't) to be able to find out exactly what you like about your personal taste in music, and what you don't. 


What?!? Surely you can't be serious! Silence, screaming fangirl. Yes, it's true, and don't call me Shirley. The amount of posts I plan on making this season will make last season look like neglect. Yes, think posts every 2 days, or something along those lines, as well as the posts being longer than they usually are!

Yes, I'm sure this is going to be one hell of a next season. I hope you all stick around for more, coming tonight.